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Brian Baglow

Brian has been working in the games industry since the mid-1990s, when he joined the legendary studio DMA Design, as a writer on the original Grand Theft Auto. Since then he's worked with major publishers, founded his own digital agency, and the Scottish Games Network. At various times he's worked as a journalist, editor, narrative designer, lecturer, executive producer, and director.


History If the VHS films of the 80s taught us anything, it’s that sport and video games don’t mix. The stereotyped pastimes of jocks...

State of Play

To mark the launch of, we’ve compiled a list of the individuals who are leading the way towards the future of interactivity.  These...


Games and music have been intertwined for decades, arguably stretching back as far as 1951, when mathematician Christopher Strachey programmed a Ferranti Mark 1...

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