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PANEL // Is There Only One Metaverse?

A panel of experts talks about the endless possibilities of the metaverse at PGC Helsinki

What does the metaverse mean to each person? Is AR or VR essential to the metaverse? How can we ensure decentralisation and boost accessibility? Dive into these questions and more in this session from the live conference Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2022 where a panel of experts share their views and more.

The state of the metaverse today

At the live conference Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2022, Martine Spaans (FGL), Jari Pauna (Supremacy Games), Kelly Vero (Core Game), Patty Toledo (4Players) and Ana Domina (Amata World) discuss what the metaverse is to each of them. It can, for instance, be an opportunity to create something new. It may also offer a paradigm shift, and can be so much more than video games.

The panel talks about how the metaverse levels the playing field thanks to the blockchain. Of course, this spawns its own set of problems, because with extreme freedom comes extreme responsibility. The session also touches upon the problem of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and how these aren’t inclusive at the moment as headsets are incredibly expensive.

The shape of the metaverse in the future

In order to shape a better metaverse for the future, the panel sheds light on the importance of educating people and talking about the metaverse in a more positive light. Right now, the metaverse is very much an elitist space – you would need a stable internet connection and a powerful enough computer to take part. As such, it’s not yet open to the masses, which is something developers need to address.

Toward the end of the session, the panel shares sneak peeks at their projects in the metaverse. This includes the importance of immersion via voice and sound, as well as NFTs that are led by the community (involving Stormtroopers, no less). They also offer their views on avoiding get-rich-quick schemes in the metaverse. There is a need for a decent infrastructure that makes the space safer and easier to access.

This 45-minute talk is ideal for anyone who’s eager to know about how to make sure decentralisation is front and centre, and the importance of a community-centric direction on where the metaverse goes. You can see conference panels like this in person by attending our upcoming partner events.

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