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Editorial Policy is dedicated to exploring the future of interactive entertainment. We serve professionals working across industries including games, technology, entertainment, sport, fashion and other digital and creative arts, with news, features, interviews, analysis and more.

OWNERSHIP AND INDEPENDENCE is operated by Steel Media, a UK-based company, owned since 2019 by Enthusiast Gaming.

Enthusiast Gaming owns and operates a number of websites, as well as consumer events such as EGLX, six pro esports teams, over 50 influencers and content creators.

Steel Media is not legally linked or in partnership with any games developers, publishers or blockchain companies except through standard advertising and sponsorship relationships.

Our editorial team will cover news with impartiality and integrity.

All editorial team members and contracted freelance writers for Steel Media are required to disclose any investments or relevant outside activities. We endeavour to be open and transparent about such.

Steel Media does not accept payment in return for publishing news articles, features or product reviews other than those articles highlighted as being sponsored. Steel Media employees are not restricted from contributing to other businesses, or from owning or investing in technology such as cryptocurrencies. However, Steel Media maintains disclosure guidelines that all contributors must follow.

We periodically invite expert guest writers and columnists to contribute to the website, and our team will also interview people of interest to publish as content on the site: opinions expressed by columnists, interviewees and guests are their own and do not reflect the views of Steel Media.

Nothing on this site is to be understood as legal, financial or professional advice. Content is presented as-is for information purposes only.

These guidelines are periodically reviewed and updated.

UPDATED: 13 May 2021
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