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ChatGPT Creator Predicts AI ’50/50 Chance Of Doom’ For Us All

Paul Christiano warns that artificial intelligence is advancing too rapidly and global adoption could lead humanity to its doom

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Ever since OpenAI launched ChatGPT, researchers and experts across the globe have warned of its impending doom on humanity, which many believe will start with misinformation and job automation.

Paul Christiano, one of the main creators of ChatGPT has shared that he believes there’s a massive chance that artificial intelligence will doom us all.

The former OpenAI man now runs an AI research non-profit Alignment Research Center and says the main danger will arrive the moment AI systems become so advanced that they surpass the cognitive capacity of the average human.

Christiano believes there’s a, “50/50 chance of doom” once AI gets to that level of advancement.

AI’s rapid but worrying advancement

Speaking to the Bankless podcast, Christiano said, “I tend to imagine something like a year’s transition from AI systems that are a pretty big deal, to kind of accelerating change, followed by further acceleration, et cetera.

“I think once you have that view then a lot of things may feel like AI problems because they happen very shortly after you build AI.”

It’s safe to say that Christiano’s concern of a more advanced AI system is exactly what OpenAI is trying to achieve by creating an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) era where AI systems become smarter than humans.

“The most likely way we die involves – not AI comes out of the blue and kills everyone – but involves we have deployed a lot of AI everywhere… [And] if for some reason, God forbid, all these AI systems were trying to kill us, they would definitely kill us,” said Christiano.

Amid rising concerns about AI’s rapid development, Geoffrey Hinton, a prominent AI expert who is nicknamed the godfather of AI recently left Google to warn the public about the potential dangers of AI.

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