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Rewarded InGamePlay Ads Launched By AdInMo And ZBD

ZBD promises, ‘A material step-change in this net-positive disruption for games developers’

In-game advertising monetisation platform AdInMo has partnered with fintech company ZBD to reward players for time spent viewing immersive display and video ads in-game. AdInMo’s InGamePlay brand advertisements are integrated into the gameplay, creating revenue without disrupting the gaming experience.

This novel approach now enables developers and publishers to distribute a portion of the in-game ad revenue to their players in the form of small amounts of Bitcoin, powered by ZBD’s Bitcoin Lightning technology. AdInMo’s Rewarded InGamePlay ads also blend well-known reward-based monetisation techniques with creative in-game formats, resulting in a boost to player engagement and retention. 

Kristan Rivers, co-founder and CEO of AdInMo says, “We’re always looking for ways to innovate while delivering our core purpose of enhancing player experience. Rewarded ad formats are an established part of hybrid monetisation loved by players and driving excellent revenue for developers. Combining in-game brand experiences and player rewards is a world-first.”

Rewarding players

Square Enix’s Ludo Zenith experienced an 82% increase in ARPDAU after integrating ZBD rewards. Through its partnership with AdInMo, ZBD can now expand its scope to reward player engagement with the gameplay itself, rather than just during breaks in the game. This also broadens ZBD’s current strategy for enhancing monetisation and player retention in mobile games.

Ben Cousens, chief strategy officer at ZBD said, “The goal of ZBD has always been to help drive improved performance for the games industry, an industry we love. We’re very excited that our first deep integration directly into in-game advertising technology is with a partner that shares our values and offers ads that are completely unobtrusive and which do not interrupt players as they’re enjoying the game.”

This new format is now accessible to members of AdInMo’s developer community beta program and there are no additional integrations required, thanks to the existing SDK. Developers can now activate Bitcoin rewards for their games and determine how they wish to distribute the earnings to their players. 

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