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H&M Joins Roblox With LOOOPTOPIA Gaming Experience

New immersive experience from the clothing brand encourages players to ‘experiment with their digital identity’

H&M Loooptopia Experience on Roblox

Famous clothing brand H&M is launching a new immersive gaming experience on Roblox. The new metaverse experience comes just a month after the company announced its metaverse-themed fashion line. H&M partnered with metaverse studio Dubit to bring the interactive experience to life. The H&M Loooptopia Experience allows players to experiment with materials and patterns to create new garments for their Roblox avatars.

“People who shop and wear H&M garments and accessories are increasingly spending time in virtual spaces and digital worlds,” says H&M Americas’ Head of Customer Activation and Marketing Linda Li. “The H&M Loooptopia Experience on Roblox is now allowing us to explore new ways to engage with our current and new customers in the places they love to be, both online and offline. In the coming years, H&M will continue to explore this fast-growing expanse of virtual and augmented realities.”

H&M Loooptopia Wants You to Experiment with Your Digital Identities

An immersive 3D experience, H&M Loooptopia includes mini-games, alternate worlds and styling sessions, among other offerings. Loooptopia encourages users to “experiment with their digital identity” and educates them about fashion and circularity.

“At H&M, we want to encourage the emerging generation of digital natives to express themselves through fashion both off and on screen,” adds H&M Global Head of Brand Experience Max Heirbaut. “H&M Loooptopia Experience on Roblox is an exciting new world that unleashes creativity and lets  players create and evolve their virtual wardrobe on Roblox, so they can feel the most like themselves through their avatar.”

A colourful city square sits in the centre of H&M Loooptopia which acts as a central hub. From there, players can enter various worlds like Fabric Forest, Rainbooow Fields and Neon Studio. Users can earn fashion ingredients by playing mini-games or engaging in styling sessions and other activities. Players can create outfits for their avatars and recycle old clothing to earn rare elements. Beyond H&M, fashion brands Gucci and Forever 21 also have a Roblox presence.

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