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Forever 21 partners with Virtual Brand Group to launch Roblox retail experience

Buying and selling fashion merch in the metaverse

Fashion brand Forever 21 has partnered with metaverse creation firm Virtual Brand Group (VBG) to launch Forever 21 Shop City on Roblox.

This retail experience has been designed to allow users and influencers to run their own stores in the metaverse and even hire NPCs to work there.

Posited as a ‘community-first’ game, Forever 21 Shop City will include content made by Roblox influencers and Forever 21 merchandise, including clothing and accessories which are available to buy and sell.

Users will need to stock inventory, assist customers, use cash registers and more, gradually earning points and upgrading their stores through customisation options.

Blending physical and virtual

As Forever 21 releases clothing collections in its physical and online stores going forward, Roblox users with stores in Forever 21 Shop City will be able to add these items to sell, or to buy them for their avatars.

“The metaverse is the most transformative innovation since the creation of the internet,” said VBG CEO Justin Hochberg. “Roblox is one of the platforms creating the biggest business opportunities for brands with more than 50 million daily active users who socialise and live digital lives for hours every day, just like my son, daughter, and all their friends do.”

“Our collaboration with Forever 21 marks not just one of the biggest metaverse launches this year, but also one that uniquely combines the physical and virtual worlds by delivering IRL content from Forever 21 in-game and finding ways for Roblox UGC creations to exist IRL.”

Forever 21 chief merchandising officer Katrina Glusac added, “With Forever 21 Shop City, our goal is to expand how we engage with customers, extending our presence and product in new ways. We’re excited to provide a new space on Roblox where our fans can connect with their community and bring their own vision of Forever 21 to life.”

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