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Get Ready for ‘Travel To Earn’ As Web3 App LuxWorld Set to Launch In Beta

Earn tokens by travelling, checking-in or simply going outdoors.

We’re all familiar with play-to-earn game economies and even some watch-to-earn platforms out there that let you watch videos and earn money. There are even learn-to-earn platforms that allow you to learn new skills and get paid for doing so. Now LuxWorld, a Web3 Lifestyle App, is about to switch things up a bit by introducing a travel-to-earn concept. 

The app, which has an NFT gamification and interactive Social-Fi layout is set to launch its first beta version next month and promises tons of interesting features that turn traditional notions on their head.

What Exactly is LuxWorld Offering to Users? 

Well for one thing, you can travel to earn. When users spend time exploring LuxWorld by travelling, checking in or simply going outside this earns them tokens at any time and from anywhere. 

Luxworld is the connection of real-world places with the in-game metaverse. Travel for real and move within the game, earning tokens for your journeys and check ins. And you can earn either as a location – a real-world business seeking to attract Luxworld travelers – or as a traveller out to explore Luxworld locations, find something new and earn tokens for doing so.

Individuals in LuxWorld can decide to be a traveller or a simple Check-in Node Owner, or even both. So by using Luggage NFTs, you earn whilst enjoying your trip to the fullest. So the more frequently you check in, the more tokens you’ll earn. 

Socialising on the blockchain

Another interesting thing about the app is its Social-Fi feature which is a way of networking that maintains the privacy and safety of users and gives them more freedom and benefits from decentralized social networks. 

And by joining the platform, users can earn LuxWorld NFT Memberships, an exclusive program that employs NFTs as access keys to open different types of services and prizes. NFT ownership will be validated by the blockchain and in turn, give holders access to any member-exclusive benefits that are available.

So if you’re one who loves to travel and are looking to enter the Web3 space anytime soon, LuxWorld is a good place to start as each consecutive check-in at a major tourist attraction or entertainment venue means you’re “filling up” your wallet.

As aforesaid, the beta version will be released sometime in December 2022. 

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