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Spatial Empowers Developers With UGC Platform To Bolster Web Gaming

The cloud-based platform aims to make it easy for brands and developers to embrace a web-focused approach to user generated content

Cloud gaming platform Spatial has announced its first season of in-house games which includes Punch Hero, Racing Empire, Infinite Ascent, Shooty Shooty, Mostly Only Up, Buddy Blitz, & Cyber Punk: Neon Ghost, and a host of externally built games from gaming studio IzyPlay

This is also the first of several holiday releases planned by Spatial, with more Spatial-built and external games to be announced.  Developers will also be able to create games directly from Unity for browsers, redefining the boundaries of web-based gaming.

The UGC platform by Spatial can be used by Unity developers, who won’t have to learn new tools, while players won’t have to download an app. By using Spatial’s UGC platform, up to five million Unity developers can build and code using the tools they are familiar with and publish their creations directly to the web. 

Creating immersive experiences 

Anand Agarawala, CEO and co-founder of Spatial says, “Gaming is the new medium for content on the web. We are expanding the magic of the Roblox model to five million Unity developers, allowing them to reach 200 million web gamers – as many active players as Roblox or Fortnite.

“We’ve made this breakthrough that takes advantage of improvements in WebGL, WebAssembly, and GPUs, to bring the types of games you’d typically have to download to the web – no account set up, simply click a link and you’re playing. We’ve taken away all complexity for developers who can for the first time build complex and thrilling games in the browser,” added Agarawala. 

Moving away from traditional game development, developers can now channel their creative energies into crafting immersive experiences for a global audience. Spatial has also strengthened its team by welcoming Charles Ju as the new head of gaming. 

“Spatial is leveraging the vast Unity community and offering monetization options that make it a truly viable option for any developer. Spatial’s SDK lets developers deliver beautiful gaming experiences without the friction. I’m hugely excited to be part of the future of web-based gaming,” said Ju.

Spatial is offering up to 50% revenue share to any developer with no hidden costs once their work has been published. 

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