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Lenovo’s ’AI for All’ Vision Aims To Accelerate Real-World AI Adoption

Chinese tech firm partners with businesses to deploy artificial intelligence and kick off their AI-driven transformations

Technology company Lenovo has unveiled its new comprehensive AI capabilities including an ‘AI for All’ vision during the company’s annual global innovation event, Tech World. This year’s event focused on how Lenovo is incorporating the power of AI to drive intelligent transformation in our everyday lives and in every industry. 

As a part of their unifying vision of ‘AI for All’ and in continuation of their declaration to invest an additional $1 billion in AI innovation, Lenovo has also revealed its adaptive strategy for hybrid AI. The company proposes that a combination of public, private, and personal foundational models will coexist to facilitate ‘AI for All’.

To maintain data security and safeguard user privacy, Lenovo AI can function solely within a device or in a secure manner using on-premises servers. In both scenarios, Lenovo AI learns from data supplied by individual users or from a company’s proprietary data, ensuring that no information is shared publicly or incorporated into open training datasets. 

During his keynote address, Lenovo chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang said, “I am delighted to share our innovative vision for delivering AI for all – individuals and enterprises – around the world, through Lenovo’s pocket-to-cloud computing capabilities, with personalised, tailored knowledge about the individuals and enterprises while protecting privacy and data security. This is also a celebration of partnerships with key leaders in the AI era. Together, we are unleashing the power of AI to help build a smarter, more inclusive, and more sustainable world.”

Expanding existing partnerships 

The smartphone company is working on the next wave of AI-capable and AI-optimised infrastructure, aiming to deliver potent, customised, scalable and energy-efficient AI solutions to a global clientele using a hybrid approach. This new era of Hybrid AI is set to empower businesses to harness the potential of their data, regardless of where it originates, and streamline the journey towards intelligent transformation. 

This involves extending AI beyond the cloud and offering real-time AI capabilities to businesses even at the farthest edges of their operations. On stage, Lenovo CEO Yang and Nvidia CEO and founder Jensen Huang announced an expanded partnership with new, hybrid solutions and engineering collaboration to deliver the power of generative AI to every enterprise.

Through the collaboration, Lenovo and Nvidia will create next-generation systems based on Nvidia’s flexible MGX modular reference design to deliver a wide range of solutions for the most demanding generative AI workloads, helping businesses implement cognitive decisions at scale with Nvidia Omniverse platform.

Apart from Nvidia CEO Huang, Yang was joined on stage by other leaders from Lenovo’s global partners, including AMD Chair and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su; and Formula 1 President and CEO, Stefano Domenicali. Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella; Qualcomm CEO and President, Cristiano Amon; and Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger joined Tech World via video link.

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