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Genesys AI To Power New H.O.G Game Mode For Directive Games’ The Machines Arena

The company is looking to bring a new level of strategy and immersion to players with Hand of God mode driven by artificial intelligence

Video game publisher and research company Directive Games has unveiled Genesys, a blend of AI and gameplay as it aims to redefine interactive gaming in The Machines Arena‘s upcoming Hand of god (H.O.G) game mode. Genesys, which is dubbed ‘the brainchild of DG Labs’, is described by the company as being more than a mere backend operator. 

The AI will serve as a sophisticated tool and a collaborative partner for developers and players. Powered by GPT and Houdini, Genesys can respond to user prompts and instantly transform them into immersive gaming worlds. H.O.G. is set to make its first appearance in the second beta season of The Machines Arena, offering players a chance to go beyond their usual roles and become creators. 

In this 1v2 multiplayer game mode with an asymmetric twist, one player serves as the game master while competing against two runners. In the role of the game master, players can shape challenges and terrains using text prompts, while the runners navigate these AI-designed landscapes, trying to outsmart and outpace the obstacles created by their counterparts.

Atli Már Sveinsson, CEO of Directive Games says, “Our integration of Genesys into The Machines Arena is a testament to our commitment to innovation. Merging AI with conventional gaming, we’re pioneering a fresh era of interactive entertainment.” 

H.O.G. and Genesys Integration

Integrating H.O.G and Genesys will allow players to experience new sets of features including dynamic level generation, dual perspective gaming which comes with a ‘Runner View’ and ‘god view’ with an elevated role dynamics that allow intricate level designs as well as boasts a Feedback Loop to, “Foster iterative creativity with each game session.” 

With the TMA Store now open for business, the Season 2 beta is also introducing a diverse range of skins that players can use to customise their avatars. There’s also a free welcome bundle that includes Playmaker XE skin, 600 Urellium units and 5000 Pulse Coins. 

Interested players can dive in and start exploring this blend of creativity and code, with Beta Season 2 of The Machines Arena now available through the Epic Games Store.

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