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Nvidia And Foxconn Partner To Build AI Factories

iPhone maker diversifies production beyond Apple products by delving into smart solutions

GPU inventor Nvidia has partnered with Hon Hai Technology Group Foxconn to accelerate the AI industrial revolution. At Hon Hai Tech Day in Taipei, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and Foxconn CEO Young Liu announced their collaboration to build AI factories. 

These AI factories are new types of data centres that use Nvidia GPUs to process, refine, and transform large amounts of data into AI models and tokens. The AI factories will be based on Nvidia’s accelerated computing platform, which includes the latest Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and Nvidia AI Enterprise software.

Foxconn will utilise Nvidia’s tech to create new data centres for various uses including digitalisation of manufacturing and inspection workflows, AI-powered electric vehicles, robotics platforms and more language-based generative AI services. 

Growing the AI industrial revolution 

“A new type of manufacturing has emerged — the production of intelligence. And the data centres that produce it are AI factories,” said Huang. “Foxconn, the world’s largest manufacturer, has the expertise and scale to build AI factories globally. We are delighted to expand our decade-long partnership with Foxconn to accelerate the AI industrial revolution.”

Foxconn on the other hand, is trying to diversify its business beyond Apple products and replicate its success in assembling PCs and smartphones. The company is currently building its own set of smart solutions using Nvidia technologies including a Smart EV, a Smart Manufacturing robotic system, and a Smart City. 

“Most importantly, Nvidia and Foxconn are building these factories together. We will be helping the whole industry move much faster into the new AI era,” said Foxconn Chairman and CEO Liu.

Foxconn customers can use Nvidia accelerated computing on these systems to provide generative AI services and simulation to speed up the training of autonomous machines, such as industrial robots and self-driving cars.

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