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Forge Raises $11 Million To Launch Video Game Platform That Rewards Gamers

The platform aims to help gamers unlock the value of their gaming profiles and be rewarded for their contributions to gaming communities

Video game platform Forge has secured $11 million in seed funding led by Makers Fund, BITKRAFT Ventures, and Animoca Brands, with participation from Hashkey Capital, Polygon Ventures, Formless Capital and Adaverse. The platform is committed to connecting and rewarding gamers for their gaming achievements. 

At launch, users can connect their various online gaming and social accounts, establishing a Forge profile that reflects their distinct interests and gaming experiences. Also, players can access a seasonal Season Pass that includes quests that let them earn XP for advancing their Season Pass level. 

Variety of rewards

Progress unlocks various in-game content and rewards, including items from Forge’s partner games, such as cosmetics, character unlocks, virtual currency and early beta access. In addition, all beta participants will have the chance to earn extra rewards through Forge’s weekly bonus rewards, including a wide range of prizes, from Amazon gift cards to a brand-new gaming PC.

Kun Gao, co-founder of Forge says, “We wanted to create a platform that finally rewards gamers for being who they are, through their profile and history as a gamer, through their passion, engagement and community participation. We feel very strongly that players should be able to control their gaming life. While Forge is just now entering beta, we already have an incredible lineup of dozens of games and partners who are looking to grow with us by giving gamers something special for joining their community.”

Promising partnerships 

For its launch week, Forge has partnered with games like Genopets, Mojo Melee, Pixelmon, Portal Fantasy, Rushdown Revolt, and The Sandbox. As the beta phase progresses, new titles will be introduced every week, fostering connections with the Forge community and providing incentives to their dedicated players and community members. 

“What sets Forge apart is its unique flywheel approach, starting with carefully curated games and questing incentives to support community growth. This strategy creates an enriched user experience, driving more traffic to the platform and attracting games, studios, and publishers to join, resulting in a diverse selection of high-quality games expertly curated by Forge,” said Carlos Pereira, Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures. 

“We like Forge because it provides game developers with an authentic way to reach real gamers with an interest in their products,” said Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands. “Forge aligns well with the community-centric ethos of Animoca Brands, and we’re excited to be a part of its development.”

Forge is now open to the public in Beta and users can sign up here. Players who join Forge and participate in the community will have a chance to receive a limited edition founders badge which will unlock special features in the Forge community and on the Forge service. Developers interested in joining the Forge platform can also sign up from the official website.

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