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Bungie Sets Its Sights On Generative AI For Future Games

The Destiny developer says its artificial intelligence designers will work with AI engineers, 3D artists and visual effects team to breathe life into characters

Video game company Bungie, known for creating games like Halo and Destiny, has been open about their use of AI. As revealed in a recent job listing, the company is actively utilising Generative AI to design fresh experiences for its player community. 

Bungie is looking to hire AI Designers to create AI prompts for its Destiny game as well as an AI designer to, “To join Marathon’s diverse gameplay team” who will be responsible for, “Crafting AI characters, creatures, and enemies to populate systemic encounters across a living world.

“As an AI Designer, you will be responsible for taking the initial ideas for a combatant and converting them into fully-realized behaviors in the game. AI Designers are tasked with writing all of the scripts that will handle the behavior structure for the combatants,” Bungie wrote. “You will balance combatant strength against player weapons and difficulty levels, and then working closely with the World Designers to craft specific experiences for many of the moments in the game.”

Generative AI in games 

From this description, experienced game designers might encounter a mix of enthusiasm and challenges. The game design process is on its own an adventure that involves the creation of rules, mechanics, structures and predictions about how the game world responds to players. 

The ideal candidate for this role will have to work closely with artists, designers, and engineers to create prompts that enhance current systems and workflows. Having previous experience with game development tools, experience in scripting or code and a background in Animation will also come in handy. 

For now, it appears that this job posting for AI Designer is for upcoming Destiny content. However, it wouldn’t be unexpected if the company decides to bring in more AI designers to add a touch of generative AI in other future projects. 

There’s no official confirmation on how Bungie will fully utilise this position, but it’s reasonable to expect that AI-driven game design will play a significant role in upcoming updates and projects.

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