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Animate Anything Simplifies AI-Powered 3D Character Rigging

Anything World users can now use artificial intelligence to rig their models and bring them to life in real-time applications and AR experiences

Innovative AI platform Anything World has launched Animate Anything, a new AI-driven online service for automatically rigging and animating low-poly 3D models. It provides support for humanoids, animals and vehicles. The articulated models can be readily obtained in FBX, glTF/GLB and Collada formats, suitable for use in digital content creation tools and game development engines.

The service offers free usage for up to three models each month. Established in 2018 by TD and former web developer Gordon Midwood, Anything World provides users with an AI-powered platform designed for crafting web applications and augmented reality experiences in real-time. 

Its primary applications revolve around the development of mobile and web apps and AR experiences. Notable projects in its portfolio feature collaborations with industry giants such as Atlantic Records, Ministry of Sound and Ubisoft. Operating on WebGL technology, it functions in any contemporary web browser and offers SDKs for seamless integration with Unity and Unreal Engine.

Creating web app and AR experiences

Animate Anything also operates as a standalone service, allowing users to upload the models they wish to rig and subsequently download the rigged results, without the need to use other platforms. The tool is compatible with a variety of model types, encompassing humanoid characters, creatures such as quadrupeds, insects, fish, and birds, as well as vehicles including cars, trucks, and bikes.

At present, Animate Anything is most suitable for lower-detail characters. It is currently optimised for assets intended for online or AR experiences. Models with over 20,000 vertices can be uploaded, but they undergo a decimation process for efficient processing.

The generated rigs include bones and skin weights, although they currently lack rig curves. It’s important to note that the platform does not yet support props or submeshes such as layered clothing. Also, it does not generate finger bones or blend shapes for facial animation at this time. Anything World hopes to add these features in future.

The company’s  Animate Anything service is accessible through a standard web browser. It uses a credit-based system where each processed model consumes one credit. Free Individual accounts provide three complimentary credits per month, and users have the option to purchase additional credits in packs, available at $10 for 10 credits, $25 for 50 credits, or $100 for $250 credits. 

For access to Anything World’s paid Micro and Pro accounts, the pricing is set at $50 per month and $250 per month, respectively.

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