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KFC Lands In PUBG As Erangel Receives Visual Remaster

Fast food franchise pops up in the battle royale game for one month

Video game developer Krafton has revealed the newest update of its popular PUBG: Battlegrounds which brings many new features and improvements to the beloved Erangel, the first PUBG map. The game’s update 26.1 also offers players new gameplay opportunities with a blend of aesthetic and gameplay enhancements as well as a KFC collaboration. 

Many players will be more excited about the changes that have been made to Erangel like Stalber being transformed with an astronomical observatory theme, including a dome that points towards the sky. Stalber has also been redesigned to offer better access and new looting spots for players. 

Major improvements to Erangel

The iconic battleground has undergone a visual remaster with the latest update. Its familiar landscapes and battlefields have been transformed into immersive environments that bring new life to the classic map.

Boatyard has taken the place of the submerged village, now transformed into a lively harbour with a redesigned layout and fresh structures. Ruins has been improved for a more convenient looting experience as well, providing better vehicle access with interior adjustments and an enhanced landscape that players can explore.

As for Mylta, it has transformed too, combining both old and new concepts. It has become a harmonious town with a central stream, cornfields, and added beach trees for cover. Georgopol’s layout has been improved with the relocation of buildings and enhancements to its surroundings, focusing on providing more cover opportunities. Players can also discover Easter eggs pointing to an upcoming map hidden throughout Erangel.

The developer also stated that, “The World Map and Minimap will receive updates, including refined landscapes, additional trees for cover, adjusted container heights, and optimised textures.” 

KFC comes to Erangel

The new update will see players access exclusive KFC Chicken Combos from kiosks situated within KFC restaurants. They can interact with the kiosk using the Interaction Key. Once an order is placed, players’ nicknames will be displayed on the order number display board as their KFC Chicken Combo appears on the counter.

Each player is allowed to use the kiosk once per visit to KFC restaurants and an additional time during Phase 4. Players also have the opportunity to acquire a KFC Chicken Bucket, KFC Secret Recipe Fries, or a KFC Drink as part of the KFC Chicken Combo.

KFC billboards can now be found on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi, while KFC banners have been placed into the starting planes for Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, Taego, and Deston. The collaboration will last one month and will likely end in the first week of November 2023. 

There’s a lot more being added to the game in this month’s update 26.1 and you can also get the patch notes from the official PUBG website

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