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Maybelline’s ‘Makeup Your Mix’ Brings Creativity And Music To Roblox

New interactive marketing campaign with AI music firm Splash allows users to dive into the beauty brand in the metaverse

Cosmetics brand Maybelline New York has expanded its presence into the virtual realm of Roblox, engaging with a new demographic of makeup enthusiasts. In collaboration with AI music firm Splash, the brand has introduced an immersive 360-degree campaign designed to resonate with the lively music community within Roblox.

Within this virtual realm, Maybelline will provide virtual makeup styles, interactive mini-games and exclusive music, crafting an immersive journey that encourages self-expression, a fundamental principle of the company.

Maybelline’s ‘Makeup Your Mix’ initiative welcomes Roblox users into adventures, including the Maybelline New York lounge and Graffiti Room. These virtual environments offer opportunities for users to express their creativity by experimenting with an extensive selection of Maybelline products.

Emily Arkells, vice president of digital for Maybelline New York said, “Our partnership with Splash on Roblox allows us to seamlessly integrate our products into an interactive world. With a diverse range of virtual makeup looks created by talented makeup and 3D artists, users can now experiment with different styles and expressions within the virtual world of Roblox through the music game Splash.” 

Avant-garde or understated 

Users can use products like Vinyl Ink and Falsies Surreal Mascara for graffiti art. The campaign introduces six distinctive makeup styles, showcasing well-loved Maybelline product lines like SuperStay Vinyl Ink Lip and SuperStay Matte Ink Lip, as well as new innovations such as Falsies Surreal Mascara and Color Tattoo Eye Stix. 

Whether a user desires a daring and avant-garde appearance or a subtle and understated look, Maybelline claims its virtual platform provides a wide array of choices and creative inspiration.

“The team all brought their A-game to the table for this activation. I am really proud of what we’ve accomplished together, and our community absolutely loves it! Splash players, who are creative young people, are highly engaged, and we would love to work with more brands trying to reach this audience, not just on Roblox but across our other products as well,” said Richard Slatter, head of partnerships at Splash.

Maybelline acknowledges the influence of music as a medium for expressing personal creativity and uniqueness. To align with this perspective, the brand has collaborated with virtual DJ Kai to unveil her latest track, Fantasy. Through gamified elements and brand-related events, participants can earn and acquire a diverse range of Maybelline merchandise and apparel.

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