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Zibra AI’s Developer Community Grows To 100,000

The company is committed to demonstrating how the responsible use of artificial intelligence can enhance game development

Ukrainian deep-tech company Zibra AI has reached an impressive milestone of amassing 100,000 users. Founded in 2021 as part of the Roosh tech ecosystem, Zibra AI is building a platform for creating AI-generated 3D assets for virtual world experiences with a mission to accelerate and streamline the development of interactive visual effects (VFX), 3D assets and characters for developers.

The company has since built a thriving community consisting of developers, VFX artists, and gaming enthusiasts who actively employ its suite of AI-driven tools in their respective roles and projects, as well as experiments. With an ecosystem of 100,000 developers, Zibra AI is committed to showcasing how the responsible utilisation of AI can enhance game development across various domains.

Alex Petrenko, CEO and co-founder of Zibra AI says, “Reaching 100,000 users is a fantastic achievement for us, but what’s more amazing is seeing the level of interaction within our community. Our Discord server is a creative hub where developers can express themselves and their work. We also regularly see our community share their creativity using our tools on other platforms such as Reddit. Zibra AI was founded to support creative minds and, happily, our tech seems to be resonating with our ever-growing developer community, for whom we’re truly thankful.”  

A team of experts 

The team at Zibra AI comprises gaming enthusiasts with knowledge in machine learning, 3D programming and physics. Their extensive industry experience garnered from working at gaming and tech firms like Ubisoft, AMD and Gameloft has endowed them with an understanding of the sector’s requirements and challenges.

Zibra AI’s flagship product Zibra Effects, holds the distinction of being a Unity Verified Solution and is compatible with a wide range of platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, consoles and VR/AR. Its applications span various industries, including gaming, the metaverse and professional training simulations. 

Over the past few months, Zibra AI has unveiled a strategic collaboration with Room8 Group, focusing on the ethical advancement of cutting-edge solutions in virtual content creation. Also, the company has achieved notable success by participating in the esteemed a16z Speedrun accelerator program.

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