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TheSoul Publishing’s 5-Minute Crafts Partners With Rovio Entertainment To Merge DIY And Gaming

Fans across the world can use their crafting materials to build Angry Birds levels using household items and win prizes

Digital media company TheSoul Publishing has announced an in-game partnership between its popular YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts and Rovio Entertainment‘s Angry Birds to provide their fans with a unique experience. 

Rovio has integrated 5-Minute Crafts branded levels into Angry Birds Friends for a week-long in-game event that runs until October 2nd. Millions of fans can experience the DIY magic of 5-Minute Crafts within the game, with in-game prompts guiding them to watch inspiring videos on YouTube.

To celebrate their partnership, TheSoul and Rovio are launching the #AngryCraftsChallenge, inviting fans of all ages to create real-life Angry Birds levels using household items. 

Patrik Wilkens, vice president of operations at TheSoul Publishing said, “This collaboration combines physical creativity with gaming in the most exhilarating way. We’re crafting a bridge between the tactile joys of DIY and the dynamic world of Angry Birds. We eagerly anticipate the wave of creativity our global audience will bring.”

You can read more of Wilkens’ thoughts on building a sustainable career as a content creator in a previous article.

Take part and win prizes

To participate in the challenge, fans can build their own Angry Birds level using household items, and share it on social media with the hashtag #AngryCraftsChallenge. 

Adrián Navarro Pérez, lead-level designer at Angry Birds Friends said, “In uniting with 5-Minute Crafts, we’re celebrating innovation and creativity. We are thrilled to see how fans will interact with the beloved Angry Birds universe in such a tangible, immersive, and imaginative way.” 

Fans can also win various prizes such as plushies and in-game goodies, by creating the best Angry Birds levels. Entries close on September 30th, and winners will be announced on October 4th. More details on the competition can be found on the official website

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