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OpenAI’s ChatGPT Can Now Help Users Create Art Using DALL-E 3

By connecting ChatGPT to DALL-E 3, users can refine their image descriptions more easily

Artificial intelligence company OpenAI is set to launch DALL-E 3, a new version of its text-to-image tool, next month (October). Unlike its predecessors, DALL-E 3 is integrated with ChatGPT to help users create more detailed prompts.

The quality of images generated by DALL-E 3 depends on how detailed the prompts are. Users will need to have good prompt engineering skills to write prompts that will produce the desired AI outputs. By connecting ChatGPT to DALL-E 3, users can refine their image descriptions more easily.

According to OpenAI, “When prompted with an idea, ChatGPT will automatically generate tailored, detailed prompts for DALL·E 3 that bring your idea to life. If you like a particular image, but it’s not quite right, you can ask ChatGPT to make tweaks with just a few words.” 

Exclusive to paying customers 

DALL-E 3 will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users from October. In an effort to address growing concerns over copyright infringement, the AI company has also instructed DALL-E 3 not to generate any work in the style of a living artist. 

“We improved safety performance in risk areas like generation of public figures and harmful biases related to visual over/under-representation,” said OpenAI. This will allow creators to opt out of having their work used to train future AI models. 

The company partnered with a ‘red team’ of experts to improve representation and remove content inspired by living artists. The red team helped OpenAI identify and mitigate risks associated with the DALL-E 3 model.

OpenAI is facing increasing competition from other AI image generation tools such as Stable Diffusion from Stability, Firefly from Adobe, and Midjourney. New tools are emerging as well such as Ideogram, which focuses on improved text clarity inside images, and Runway, which generates videos.

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