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AI Game And Film Startup Auctoria Joins Nvidia’s Inception Program

The program will help the startup with support, guidance and additional resources to help the company grow

Artificial intelligence software company Auctoria has joined Nvidia’s Inception program which nurtures startups that are committed to revolutionising industries with technological advancements. 

Inception supports startups during the crucial stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Becoming a part of Nvidia’s Inception will help the AI startup expand its offerings to the broader ecosystem. 

Nvidia will also provide Auctoria with the opportunity to work with leading industry experts and other AI-powered organisations through the Inception program. Auctoria also plans to utilise OpenUSD and NVIDIA Omniverse for industrial digitalisation, to create fast and easy environments for users.

Members of Nvidia’s Inception receive a personalised set of ongoing benefits, such as credits for Deep Learning Institute courses, discounts on hardware and software, and technical support. These benefits provide startups with the essential tools they need to grow and succeed. 

Aleksander Caban, CEO at Auctoria says, “We’re excited about the opportunity to get support and guidance from the Nvidia Inception program. Joining Inception will give us additional resources to help grow our company and launch this product to a wider audience that’s in great need of this time- and money-saving solution.”

Auctoria’s generative AI features 

The Auctoria software helps game developers and filmmakers create 3D objects and environments, while producing impressive graphics. Auctoria uses generative AI to create different types of models for video games.

One of the platform’s many features can generate entire 3D game levels, with basic pathways for players to explore. Another feature can convert uploaded images and textures of walls, floors and columns into 3D equivalents of that artwork.

Users can also enter text prompts or provide a sketch to have Auctoria generate assets, similar to DALL-E 2 or Midjourney.

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