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New Immersive Tech Event Series To Kick Off In Cyprus

VRDays Foundation event series begins on October 13th in collaboration with CYENS

Known for its annual Immersive Tech Week in Rotterdam, the VRDays Foundation has introduced its Immersive Tech Odyssey, a series of smaller-scaled events scheduled to take place from October 13th, 2023. This series of online and in-person events will take place throughout Europe for 2023 and 2024. 

As immersive technologies rapidly advance and have a significant impact on the lives of European citizens, these events are a vital step in uniting the Extended Reality (XR) community across the continent by sharing knowledge, strategies and expanding insights into both current and future XR trends and their societal impact.

Aside from the aim of creating a platform to collaborate and share knowledge among enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators, the VRDays Foundation also aims to advance the human-centric metaverse and promote sustainable technological development that will benefit the planet as a whole. 

Growing the XR landscape 

Pierre-Stuart Rostain, head of partnerships and business development at VRDays Foundation says, “We are excited to expand our horizons and take Immersive Tech Week beyond Rotterdam. These ITO events reflect our commitment to driving meaningful change and innovation in the XR landscape. We invite all XR enthusiasts to join us in this remarkable journey.”

The highlight of these satellite events is the 10th edition of Immersive Tech Week, scheduled for 2024. In the lead-up to this milestone, each event in the series will contribute to a comprehensive retrospective of the XR journey and its evolution, providing a holistic view of the XR landscape.

The first satellite event is themed ‘XR in Heritage and Education,’ and will be held in Cyprus on October 13th in collaboration with CYENS. This event aims to explore how immersive technologies can transform education and cultural heritage.

“Cyprus is positioning itself as a global tech island and innovation hub. You will be surprised by the vibrance of the XR community in the island.” said the VRDays Foundation location expert Ivon Bensason. “It is a great opportunity to dive into the heart of the local XR community and understand the market.”

The event will also foster discussions, insights as well as collaborations that will shape the future of XR applications in critical domains. The keynote speaker is Prof. Miriam Reiner, head of the Virtual Reality and Neurocognition Lab at Technion, who will also be joined by other distinguished speakers. 

Tickets are available here while registrations are now open from the official website.

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