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Meta’s New Co-op VR Adventure Citadel Arrives On Horizon Worlds

Proto-metaverse gets its second dose of first-party ‘premium’ content in weeks as the company tries to boost Horizon’s popularity

Facebook parent company Meta released a hero shooter called ‘Super Rumble‘ for Horizon Worlds in late July, hoping to keep users engaged on its social VR platform by offering higher-quality, first-party content.

The company has now released its second major minigame for Horizon Worlds, an expansive adventure game called Citadel. Meta says that while Super Rumble provides a competitive free-for-all FPS action to users, Citadel is a rogue-lite action-adventure puzzle platformer FPS. 

Meta described the game in a blog post, “Combining combat, puzzle-solving, and skilful gameplay, each room in Citadel gives players a new challenge to overcome. With numerous hidden secrets to uncover across 30 rooms, Citadel offers a wealth of content to explore.”

Lots to explore 

“As you infiltrate the citadel, find hidden relics, and eliminate enemy forces, you’ll unlock weapons and rewards and earn credit to buy new armour with unique stats to upgrade your hit points, number of lives, and speed. Mix and match helmets and torso armours at will to fully customise your gameplay experience,” wrote Meta.

The company went on to say that after completing the Casual mode in Citadel, users who want more challenges can play the Veteran mode, “For an even greater sense of achievement.

“Citadel lets you immerse yourself in a world of mechanical guardians and ancient civilizations, but make no mistake: timing and precision are the name of the game. And the interconnected game levels dial up the difficulty as you advance to keep you on your toes.”

As users explore the Citadel, they can find hidden relics, defeat enemies, and unlock weapons and rewards. They can then use these rewards to buy new armour with enough stats to upgrade their points, number of lives, and speed. Users can also choose to play Citadel solo or team up with a friend in co-op. 

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