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Life is Strange Comic Books To Continue True Colors Story With Fan-Favourite Ending

Deck Nine’s game gets a transmedia continuation in Titan Comics’ Forget-Me-Not

Like the previous Life is Strange titles with multiple endings, One of the various endings of Deck Nine‘s Life is Strange: True Colours is being expanded in an upcoming comic book series and graphic novel titled Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not

The first instalment of Forget-Me-Not will be released by Titan Comics and will pick up one year after the events of True Colors. The four-part series will be available as a graphic novel in June next year. 

Forget-Me-Not will follow the life of Alex after the end of True Colours a year later where she encounters a teenage stranger named Lily, who possesses unique abilities and has her own mysteries to unravel. Similar to the narrative of previous Life is Strange titles, Forget-Me-Not will likely see Alex try to help Lily learn and master her powers whilst protecting her from people who don’t understand. 

Become a saviour

Forget-Me-Not is authored by UK comic writer Zoe Thorogood and illustrated by Claudia Loenardi and Andrea Izzo. This artistic duo previously contributed to the official graphic novel continuation of the original Life is Strange. 

The official description of the Forget-Me-Not comic reads, “After the events of Life Is Strange: True Colors, Alex and Steph tour across the states in their band until they find another lost soul on the side of the road – Lily. The pair take the teenager under their wing to uncover the truth of what she’s running from.

“But there’s more to Lily than meets the eye, as she silently struggles under the weight of heartache and memories from lives she hasn’t lived, to protect those around her from the truth of pain. An all too familiar story to Alex, but is there time to save Lily from a similar, lonely, fate?” 

Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not #1 is priced at $3.99 and will be released on December 13th, 2023.

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