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Pixelynx And Beatport Launch AI Music Creation Platform BeatKOR

The KOR companions will help users create new songs by utilising officially licensed music stems and tracks called Artist DNA

Interactive music platform Pixelynx has launched its BeatKOR AI music collection in partnership with online music store Beatport. As part of Pixelynx’s KORUS platform, BeatKOR will enable participating creators and fans to remix music from both iconic and emerging artists through new interactive modes. 

BeatKOR is the newest addition to Pixelynx’s lineup of KORs, a set of digital companions used by creators and fans to create AI-generated music on the KORUS platform. Pixelynx also recently introduced GenKOR, the initial public version of KORs which allowed fans to remix fresh content from mau5trap artists like Lamorn, Speaker Honey, and Volaris. 

When Genesis was introduced, users could buy and download their own tracks to start forming their artist portfolios and share their creations with others. The launch of BeatKOR is linked to new features that enhance this creative process.

Creating a new format of music 

Inder Phull, CEO of Pixelynx who we interviewed earlier this year to share his thoughts on the impact of AI on the music industry commented on the partnership, “There is a lot of speculation right now about how AI will impact musicians, particularly around whether it will put artists out of business and damage the artist-fan connection.

“Our partnership with Beatport is enabling a new format of personalised music experiences that aims to empower artists and help them grow the value of their music directly with their community. BeatKOR has landed,” said Phull.

The KOR companions assist users in crafting fresh songs by utilising officially licensed music stems and tracks called Artist DNA. After the reveal, Pixelynx will release the BeatKOR collection today, September 13th, featuring officially licensed stems and tracks from notable artists like Jitwam, Elle Shimada, Brux, and more.

“BeatKOR enables artists who opt-in to share their stem files with fans, granting them the power to explore their own creativity through remixing,” said Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group. “Artists are the lifeblood of the music industry, so empowering them to shape the narrative of this new era of artist-fan collaboration in a way that protects their rights is core to our philosophy with BeatKOR and everything we do at Beatport.” 

Users can ‘own’ songs by putting them on the blockchain, giving them commercial rights to release their music. To obtain a BeatKOR, visit Pixelynx’s KORUS website

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