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KryptoGO Launches AI-Powered Web3 Cloud Solution For Businesses

With KG Studio, KryptoGO aims to offer the customer experience and user journey required for businesses to enter the Web3 market 

KryptoGO founder and CEO Kordon Ou, with CTO Harry Chen

Web3 company KryptoGO has launched its new AI-powered cloud station KryptoGO Studio for diverse Web3 enterprise scenarios. By offering a compliant peer-to-peer marketplace application, the new solution will address three key challenges that Web2 businesses face when entering the Web3 space including identity interoperability, technical security, and user experience. 

After receiving support from the National Development Fund and launching a cross-chain wallet last year, the company is now enhancing its branding efforts to speed up enterprise adoption.

Kordan Ou, founder and CEO of KryptoGo stated, “KG Studio is not just a technical solution but also a strategic partner. It helps businesses take the lead in entering the Web3 era, reducing costs and accelerating market entry. The platform offers a user-centric design, robust security and privacy measures, and flexible cryptocurrency fund management, ensuring businesses maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving Web3 world.”

Paving the Web3 path for businesses 

The enterprise-level application provides businesses with a suite of tools and features to help them succeed in the era of Web3 and AI. These tools include multi-chain wallets, compliance technology, encrypted financial management, innovative NFT marketing tools, user management, and intelligent analytics.

KryptoGO Studio has formulated five major modules for front-end, middle-end, and back-end enterprise scenarios which include: 

  • User 360: Focused on user understanding and analysis, offering customizable analytics charts for enterprises to conduct deep data analysis and insights. 
  • AssetPro: Tackling the complexity of asset management and operations, AssetPro simplifies on-chain fee (e.g., Gas Fee) management and provides financial scheduling for NFT and token airdrops. 
  • Compliance: Resolves concerns around compliance and security by integrating KYC verification and providing identity and personal data management, especially for KYC requirements in On-ramp and Off-ramp financial flows. 
  • NFT Boost: By offering NFT collection management and multi-chain support, businesses can easily create, manage, and sell their own NFT projects, breaking down barriers in establishing and promoting the NFT market.
  • Wallet: Addresses the complexity and inconvenience of multi-chain wallets by offering a one-stop multi-chain wallet solution. 

Ou believes that AI and applications based on AI-generated content (AIGC) are driving the digital transformation of businesses of all sizes. And that the combination of AI and blockchain creates new possibilities for applications, taking advantage of the unprecedented productivity gains of AI and the security and transparency of blockchain.

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