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Virtual Influencer Noonoouri Signs Record Deal With Warner Music

Major music label bets on the future but many are yet to see the appeal of a virtual influencer

Virtual influencer Noonoouri, who has starred in fashion campaigns for popular brands like Dior, Balenciaga and Valentino, is now a recording artist with Warner Music after penning a record deal and will soon be releasing her first single. 

While many may have never heard of the name Noonoouri in the music industry, well that’s because the singer is not a real person. Noonoouri is an avatar in the metaverse that sings with an AI-generated voice. 

Below is a music video of the avatar singer which has since garnered mixed comments on YouTube, with many wondering why a renowned music company like Warner signed an avatar as a recording artist. Unlike actual human artists, Noonoouri can be restyled instantly to keep up with the latest teen trends, unable to make demands or even ask for a pay rise. 

Noonoouri’s voice was created using generative AI to alter a recording of a real human singer’s voice. This allowed the creators to give her a unique sound that is both human and artificial.

Generative AI adoption 

There are many generative AI tools available to the public nowadays, but it is unclear which one was used to create Noonoouri’s voice. It is possible that Warner Music or Noonoouri’s team developed their own AI algorithms, or they may have used a pre-trained model that is also available to the public.

Although the song was written by humans, the songwriters have not been publicly credited. According to The Telegraph, Warner Music has said that they will be paid royalties for their work, just like any other songwriter and the royalties will be split between the creator, Warner and German producer and DJ Alle Farben. 

While some will see the advancement of avatars as a positive in this aspect, there is also a genuine worry among musicians that the rise of virtual artists and performers could make it more difficult for them to make a living.

The Musicians’ Union in the UK is campaigning for legislation that would give musicians more control over their work. They are asking for the right to be paid when their music is used to train AI algorithms, and the right to prevent their music from being used in this way altogether.

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