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Rokid Launches Spatial Computing Platform To Make AR More Immersive

The company is focusing on providing comfort by prioritising lightweight products

Chinese tech company Rokid has launched its Rokid AR Studio, a consumer-grade personal spatial computing platform. The company’s new platform includes the Rokid Max Pro AR spatial computing glasses, priced at $685, and the Rokid Station Pro AR spatial computing host, priced at $548. 

Rokid AR Studio focuses on Optical see-through (OST) technology to project computer-generated images onto the user’s real-world view. The glasses weigh 76g while the host is equipped with Rokid’s self-developed spatialised AR operating system. 

Rokid AR Studio features 

The Rokid AR Studio works in real time using eye tracking, gesture recognition and voice commands without the need for controllers or remote controls. It also has (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) SLAM, micro-gestures, first-person perspective sharing as well as visual positioning capabilities. 

Rokid’s OST approach to augmented reality offers similar features to Apple’s VST approach, including brightness, resolution, latency, and an energy-efficient design. The company is focusing on providing comfort by prioritising lightweight products, and then gradually adding more advanced features like spatial positioning into its offerings. 

Rokid recognises the challenges facing the AR industry, such as the constraints of software and hardware development, including the lack of a large user base. However, they believe that the next two years will be a critical turning point.

The company’s shipments have grown by 150% year-over-year and they’ve garnered a large and active user base with high usage duration and payment rates.

Rokid AR Studio products will launch later this year while the Rokid Max Pro and Station Pro are currently available for preorder in China. 

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