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Pre-Orders Open For Rokid Station Android AR TV

The compact device is designed to be a simplified remote and gaming controller for augmented reality

Technology company Rokid has opened preorders for its new Rokid Station, a portable Android TV device for augmented reality glasses. Developed by Rokid and HiMedia, the new glasses will enable users to enjoy a private Android TV experience anywhere and anytime. 

Rokid’s new Station device works with its AR glasses such as the recently released Rokid Max. Since Android TV provides an easier way of accessing TV, the Rokid Station’s main strength is its portability which lets users enjoy a personal cinema experience. The Station has an ergonomic design for comfort, with a battery that can last up to five hours of video playback on a full charge.

Hui Du, Rokid VP and head of Rokid hardware design center says, “The Rokid Station packs an unprecedented cinematic experience into a portable Android TV device that can be carried anywhere. Its intuitive controls are the natural complement to the Rokid Max AR glasses that deliver stunning visual fidelity.” 

Preorder availability

The Rokid Store is currently accepting preorders for $129, with shipping expected by the end of August. After the launch, the price will increase to $139. Users can also grab the Rokid Max AR glasses from the Rokid Store for $439 or save $39 when purchasing the Rokid Station and Rokid Max bundle for $529 which will also be shipped later this month. 

The Rokid Station is also designed to simplify the remote experience with streamlined buttons. Its large direction pad serves both as a remote for movies and as a gaming controller. 

And with Google Play support, users can download their favourite apps and other immersive games to enjoy. The Rokid Max AR glass is compatible with an array of other devices outside the Rokid Station. It works in screencasting mode with Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck and other game consoles.

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