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OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Enterprise For Businesses

The company’s new AI offering is designed to help businesses and organisations with GPT-4 access and many other features

Image source: OpenAI

Artificial intelligence company OpenAI has introduced a new feature to its popular chatbot called ChatGPT Enterprise that’s tailored towards business owners and companies. 

Designed for businesses, ChatGPT Enterprise will provide enterprise-grade security and privacy to users. According to OpenAI in a blog post, the new service will include, “Privacy, unlimited higher-speed GPT-4 access, longer context windows for processing longer inputs, advanced data analysis capabilities, customization options, and much more.

“We believe AI can assist and elevate every aspect of our working lives and make teams more creative and productive. Today marks another step towards an AI assistant for work that helps with any task, is customized for your organization, and that protects your company data.” 

Features of ChatGPT Enterprise 

Much like the regular ChatGPT, the Enterprise edition comes with similar features. This includes drafting emails, writing essays and debugging code. However, the enterprise edition comes with its own features like enhanced privacy and data analysis functionalities, improved performance and customisation options.

There’s also a new admin code that allows organisations to manage employee usage, integrate single sign-on, verify domains and access usage statistics. The enterprise edition also comes with shareable conversation templates for internal workflows and offers the company’s API platform credits for creating customised solutions. 

ChatGPT Enterprise users can also use Advanced Data Analysis, which allows the chatbot to analyse data, create charts, solve maths problems and generate ideas from uploaded files. This feature was formerly exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. 

ChatGPT Enterprise access

Despite the addition of a new premium subscription model, OpenAI says both the web and mobile access to ChatGPT remain available to users. “We look forward to sharing an even more detailed roadmap with prospective customers and continuing to evolve ChatGPT Enterprise based on your feedback,” says OpenAI. 

To access the new ChatGPT Enterprise, businesses and organisations should contact the company’s sales team to get a licence from the official enterprise website

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