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Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing Is Coming To Third-Party Browsers Soon

The Windows company is also working on a Bing Chat mobile app 

In order to make its AI-powered Bing more accessible to users, Microsoft is bringing the chatbot to mobile browsers soon. Bing Chat has been available in various Android and iOS mobile apps since February, but the Windows company is now looking to make the chatbot accessible to all mobile browsers. 

After it was released in February this year, Bing was restricted to Microsoft’s Edge browser only. Later on, the AI became available to Chrome users and then made its way to Safari desktop browsers in July. 

According to the Bing team in a blog post, “With so many new, useful features now a part of Bing, we’re excited to announce you can start experiencing the new AI-powered Bing in third-party browsers on web and mobile soon. This next step in the journey allows Bing to showcase the incredible value of summarised answers, image creation and more, to a broader array of people.”

Bing mobile app in the works

Having launched Bing Chat six months ago, Microsoft says it has, “Seen nine consecutive quarters of growth on Edge,” which could be due to the fact that the company made Bing exclusive to its Edge browser. 

Similar to the ChatGPT mobile app, Microsoft is also releasing a Bing Chat mobile app soon. According to Microsoft, the Bing app will let users access its, “Best-in-class AI-powered features on the go” as well as, “Get full access to Bing: complete, cited answers without having to scroll through endless links.” 

In addition, Bing Chat has seen more than 1 billion conversations, and users have generated over 750 million images through the chatbot.

Microsoft has also said that its Windows Copilot, which uses Bing Chat, will arrive on Windows 11 soon. The company is presently testing this sidebar in Windows 11 builds, and it appears it will likely be available to all Windows 11 users later this year. 

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