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Let’sMOD Uses Quantum Techniques To Create New Gaming Experiences

The platform currently offers over 80 microgame parts powered by its Generative Microgame AI and plans to expand its catalogue to thousands

Technology platform Let’sMOD has launched a new platform that brings rapid creation using generative AI into a social play experience. The platform enables users to generate a feed of games and gameplay highlight reels it has dubbed the ‘TikTok of Gaming’. While the new technology is yet to be patented, it taps into techniques from quantum mechanics to open a new chapter in the games industry. 

Users can enhance and remix one another’s 3D microgames or MODs. Generative AI boosts various feeds of personalised adventures and nurtures a vibrant and creative community. 

Amir Zarkesh, CEO of Let’sMOD says, “We are on a trajectory to redefine gaming. Harnessing our team’s unusually diverse expertise, we’re charting the course for an intuitive Generative Microgame AI experience. Imagine creating rich, dynamic microgames and their highlights with unparalleled ease and enjoyment.” 

Enhancing player experience 

With all the new AI trends happening in the gaming industry, the market appears to be growing fast at 23.3% per year by 2032 according to Market.Us. Let’sMOD is focused on changing how players experience things.

This idea comes from a team with lots of experience in game design, AI, product design and quantum mechanics. Their patent-pending technology uses something called the Feynman Path Integral from quantum mechanics merged with large language models.

“What sets the user experience on the Let’sMOD platform apart from other micro-gaming platforms is our foundational technology. It enables a reusable set of intelligent parts within microgames to collaboratively engage with players during the modding, remixing, and highlight reel generation process,” said the CEO.

“While we currently offer over 80 parts powered by our Generative Microgame AI, we anticipate expanding our part catalogue into the thousands. This method contrasts starkly with the code generation strategies many leading game companies employ with generative AI,” adds Zarkesh.

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