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DoHuya Launches Analytics For Chinese Live-Streaming Platforms

The streaming platform is focused on connecting brands with the most relevant Chinese streaming, entertainment, sports and esports entities

Streaming platforms statistics and analytics service Streams Charts has launched DoHuya, an analytic service that provides statistics of viewer activity on Chinese streaming sites DouYu and Huya. 

Currently, DoHuya data is available for three main entities: channels, games (categories) and live broadcasts. Both DouYu and Huya mainly rely on the ‘Heat Index’ as their main metric. Based on the chosen entity and time frame, they can determine the highest and average values of this metric.

Heat Index is not the viewer count; it’s a gauge of a channel or broadcast’s popularity. This gauge is affected by factors such as stream duration, total visitors, video count and more.

Sergii Rudenko, Streams Charts & Esports Charts head of sales and partnership says, “The Chinese streaming market is of great interest worldwide, our partners and customers have been requesting its viewership data constantly. DoHuya is a trial balloon to start providing understandable audience analytics.”

Simplifying audience analytics

“We will do our best to further strengthen our expertise in the Chinese streaming market to provide more deep insights, including media value, sponsorship evaluation, etc. One of our main goals is to connect brands with the most relevant Chinese streaming, entertainment, sports and esports entities,” said Rudenko. 

The platform says that over time, the functionality of DoHuya will be expanded. And that it plans to add a block of esports content statistics in the near future.

“The global mission of Streams Charts is to increase transparency and trust in live-streaming viewership statistics. We regularly update our database with new platforms, and over the past year, we integrated statistics of several new services, such as Mildom, Kick and Rumble,” said Nazar Babenko, Streams Charts product manager.

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