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Starbucks Launches An AR Experience Encouraging Users To Share ‘Kindness’

Seattle coffee chain adds augmented/mixed reality content to its marketing blend

Coffeehouse company Starbucks has launched an augmented reality experience that allows individuals to share kind messages with each other. As a new way of proving that kindness can be found anywhere, the coffee maker is allowing people to access its AR experience via the Starbucks mobile app by scanning a QR code from its stores or website. 

The company’s AR experience adds floating sticky notes, photos, videos and other elements to a person’s surroundings to enhance the experience. Among the sticky notes, users will find some with personalised kind messages from others, while others display more generic sentiments of kindness.

Serving people

Lindsey Derry, VP of brand and partnerships marketing at Starbucks says, “At Starbucks, we have always said that we are not in the coffee business serving people; we are in the people business serving coffee. We have the privilege to see moments of connection and kindness come to life in ways both big and small in our stores every day.”

People can point their device’s camera at the desired message to view it in a larger size and share it with someone else through their device’s share menu. Users can also have the option to use their device’s camera to zoom in on a specific message, enlarging it for better viewing and then share it with someone else through their phone’s share menu.

In addition, Starbucks allows users to click on the ‘Send a kind note’ button to browse through animated kindness cards they can send to others from the app. 

Starbucks has partnered with the Born This Way Foundation to not only launch the AR experience but also to support the #BeKind365 platform, promoting daily acts of kindness among people.

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