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Developers Can Generate Smart Contracts With New AI Tool, DeCipher

The company says that developers can also use DeCipher to edit and deploy contracts after they’ve been analysed

Singapore-based tech company Bunzz has released DeCipher, a new AI-powered tool that’s designed to transform the process of generating smart contract documentation. 

The tool will allow users to create documents from smart contracts that exist on the blockchain. It’s a tool that’ll support developers who want to develop new DApps based on existing contracts, traders and investors who wish to understand complex DeFi protocols. 

DeCipher utilises ChatGPT 3.5 and 4, which are also optimised for analysing smart contracts. The outcome is a precise ‘smart contract-specialised GPT’ tool that has left the Bunzz team impressed. The tool’s fine-tuning approach is currently in the process of obtaining a patent that demonstrates the company’s dedication to pioneering technology.

Chrome extension 

The AI tool has also released a Chrome Extension that allows users to view documents by clicking the generate button while also keeping the contract page they want to analyse open in Block Explorer. 

DeCipher currently supports the following Block Explorers:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Polygon Mainnet
  • BSC Mainnet
  • Arbitrum One Mainnet
  • Avalanche Mainnet
  • Optimism Mainnet
  • Moonbeam Mainnet
  • Moonriver Mainnet
  • Fantom Opera Mainnet

Editing and deployment capabilities

Developers can also use DeCipher to edit and deploy contracts after they’ve been analysed and deploym to all EVM-compatible blockchains. The AI tool is also designed to provide contract data generated from document creation in a data structure that is easy for AI to read and to create an ecosystem where different AI services can connect via its Machine-Readable Contract Layer. 

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