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Crucible Launches Metaverse SDK For Game Developers

New Unreal Engine tool makes assets reusable across game and metaverse applications

Metaverse company Crucible has launched its Emergence software development kit for Unreal Engine as a way of making game assets reusable across game and metaverse applications.

Developed with the Open Meta Association, Emergence allows developers to build game experiences on EVM-compatible (Ethereum virtual machine) blockchain. This provides features like interoperable avatars, smart contracts, integrated wallets and on-chain inventory services.

Ryan Gill, CEO of Crucible said, “We’re entering an era where world-building will become more accessible through emerging tools. This will make up the new economic engine of the world. For this era to succeed, it’s important to provide tools to creators and developers that allow them to build open ecosystems, to innovate, and to find communities of players.”

The CEO went on to add, “Emergence is an important part of this ecosystem, and the early traction we’ve seen on Unreal is an important first step to getting these emerging tools in the hands of game developers looking to innovate.”

The tool has already amassed more than 30,000 downloads with an estimated 3% of active Unreal developers.

Building the metaverse

While game engines such as Unreal are increasingly becoming a crucial toolset for creating worlds and driving innovation, these platforms are now expanding their scope beyond gaming, enabling brands and creators to produce their own content and immersive experiences.

“The singular focus of the developer team is developers,” said Aleissia Laidacker, head of product at Crucible. “We’re always asking how we can make their lives easier, while still giving access to robust tools for innovation. Emergence is the result of years of work, and we’ve been excited to see how well it has been received by the Unreal developer community.”

Emergence is being used by independent developers to create a range of projects, spanning from card games to shooters. Also, Emergence has formed partnerships with Huxley and Walker World, providing support for their experiences.

Crucible currently has a team of 10 and has since raised $5.5 million. The company’s plan with Emergence is to help game developers looking to use and leverage innovation.

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