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Vans World Passes 100 Million Visits On Roblox

Visitors have collectively spent more than eight million hours exploring the virtual space

Roblox game Vans World has garnered more than 100 million visits on the popular online gaming platform that allows users worldwide to connect and communicate daily.

Vans World visitors have collectively spent more than eight million hours exploring the virtual space and have had the opportunity to earn and adorn their avatars with complimentary digital items and accessories. These include the Vans Umbrella, White-Black Classic Patch Trucker Hat and Black Realm Backpack.

In Vans World, users can design every aspect of their avatar and skateboard. They can also share their favourite virtual skate spots as well as compete against each other in interactive challenges. It also embodies the essence of the brand’s ‘Off The Wall’ spirit, encouraging self-expression, creativity, and exploration, which is one of the reasons it continues to captivate the imagination of millions of users.

Growing the Roblox platform

Marcus Holmström, co-founder and CEO at The Gang Sweden said, “Throughout the past 2+ years, Vans has built an experience that prioritises what is really valuable to the Roblox community. Their emphasis on quick, fun gamification, customisation options and smoothly maintaining brand integrity has helped drive success in this experience.”

Vans World is one of the many games that has kept the Roblox community engaged with fresh content for the past two years, driven by community feedback and brand collaborations with Gucci, The North Face, Timbaland and Stranger Things, among other seasonal updates. It is also testing new technologies and leveraging skating physics grounded in real-world techniques ever since it launched in 2021.

As part of celebrating 100 million visits, players can enjoy three complimentary items until July 28th including the Waffle Drip Bucket Hat, Off The Wall Aura, and Skateboard Wings.

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