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OpenAI’s GPT-4 Is Now Generally Available To Developers

Developers should upgrade integrations or fine-tune replacements on the new models

ChatGPT creator OpenAI has made its flagship GPT-4 AI model generally available to all of the company’s existing API developers.

OpenAI is now allowing developers with, ‘A history of successful payments’ to access GPT-4 and plans to open up access to new developers by the end of this month. The company is also looking to elevate availability limits afterwards, ‘Depending on compute availability.’

The company wrote in a blog post, “Millions of developers have requested access to the GPT-4 API since March and the range of innovative products leveraging GPT-4 is growing every day. We envision a future where chat-based models can support any use case.”

Being a large language model, GPT-4 can generate text, code and translate languages. It can also accept image and text inputs, which is an improvement over its predecessor GPT-3.5, which only accepts text and is free to use.

Capabilities of GPT-4

GPT-4 was trained on a massive dataset of text and code, including publicly available data from the internet, as well as data that OpenAI licensed. This dataset includes a wide variety of text, including news articles, books, Wikipedia entries, code and social media posts.

The company says that older OpenAI models, including GPT-3, will be replaced with new base GPT-3 models come January 4th, 2024. Developers need to upgrade their integrations by then or fine-tune replacements on the new models.

“We will be providing support to users who previously fine-tuned models to make this transition as smooth as possible,” OpenAI wrote. “In the coming weeks, we will reach out to developers who have recently used these older models and will provide more information once the new completion models are ready for early testing.”

Despite its many impressive features, it’s worth noting that GPT-4, like many other AI models, is not perfect. It can make mistakes like misinforming users and making reasoning errors. It also doesn’t seem to learn from its experience, so it can’t fix these mistakes and setbacks yet.

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