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Gamercraft Raises $5M For AI-driven Competitive Gaming Platform

CEO Jose Javier Garcia-Rovira says that gamers will, ‘No longer have to settle for passive gaming experiences’

Led by computer hardware makers Alienware, AI-driven and skill-based competitive gaming platform Gamercraft has raised $5 million in funding in the first part of its seed round.

Gamercraft plans to use its newly secured funding to expand engineering and platforms capabilities, introduce new games and genres next year as well as expand its growth marketing efforts as it plans to close the seed round later this year.

The company is focused on accelerating the evolution of skill-based gaming economies into fundamental aspects of the video games industry.

Gamercraft CEO Jose Javier Garcia-Rovira said, “We envision a future where gamers will no longer have to settle exclusively for passive gaming experiences, instead embracing experiences where their time and skills invested result in tangible returns for them.”

In addition, the company’s focus is driven by forming a new market complex, highly strategic, player-versus-player (PvP) games, offering challenges, competitions and robust anti-cheat detection to enhance gaming experiences and trust for all players.

Building upon its growth and success so far, from AAA online titles already supported on its PVP platform, the new funding will allow the company to accelerate the development and launch of a library of new game genres and titles.

Adoption of AI-Powered gamIng

Gamercraft has managed to build an impressive user base comprising hundreds of thousands of gamers from North America, Latin America and Europe through successful collaborations. The company expects to attract millions of new users through upcoming product developments as well.

The adoption of Gamercraft’s platform highlights the growing desire for a gaming economy that is easily accessible and skill-based, indicating the possibility of a new era in competitive gaming.

Gamercraft is carving out a unique role in the gaming infrastructure by combining blockchain and AI. While conventional anti-cheat systems have their limitations, the company’s engineers have developed an adaptive learning-based model capable of analysing even the granular aspects of player data.

By utilising the AWS Quantum Ledger, Gamercraft is taking advantage of a fully managed ledger database that offers a transparent, unchangeable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log.

The funding received participation from Le Fonds, Mistral Ventures, Quantic Fund, Stellaria Capital and others.

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