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AI-Narrated Game ‘Beneath The Six’ Sees Magicave Team Up With ElevenLabs

The digital toy startup is utilising artificial intelligence and blockchain to explore new gameplay possibilities

UK-based game studio Magicave has revealed Beneath The Six, a single and multiplayer turn-based roguelike game that’s set to launch on PC and Mac in 2024.

The game blends exploration and discovery with character progression, magic and combat. Players can combine collectible digital dice to create characters, incorporating traits from different dice to enhance their appearance and skills. For instance, using wizard dice grants powerful magic abilities, while incorporating warrior dice can add weapon skills and strength to the character.

In partnership with generative voice platform ElevenLabs, Magicave will develop an in-game AI narrator in collaboration with actor Tom Canton, known for his portrayal of Filavandrel, King of the Elves, in Netflix’s The Witcher.

Ste Curran, Magicave’s creative director says, “Generative Al opens up gameplay possibilities we’re excited to explore. But you can’t explore them without the support of the creatives that make the work possible in the first place.

“We’ve read stories of actors being forced to sign agreements assigning their Al voice IP to game and tech companies – robbing them of future opportunities and literally taking their voice away. We want to build the future, but we also want a company that aligns with our values.” added Curran.

From The Witcher to gaming

Both Magicave and ElevenLabs prioritise protecting the rights of voice actors. Magicave has granted Tom Canton ownership of the AI voice used in the game. They have licensed it from him specifically for use in the game, while also giving the actor the freedom to use his AI voice in other forms of media, including games, voiceovers, animations, audiobooks, or movies.

ElevenLabs CEO Mati Staniszewski said, “Our collaboration with Magicave and Tom Canton on Beneath The Six demonstrates how Al technology can unlock new game experiences which players have never seen, or heard, before.”

By combining procedural dungeon and character generation with Canton’s Al narration, Beneath The Six provides players with the ability to generate a new world each day. This also allows players to embark on journeys, explore, curate, and engage in challenges with their friends.

The company is building in public – with regular public previews and streamed internal playtests available via its Discord Server. Individuals on the Discord will be given early access to test aspects of the game throughout the development process. More information on the game and the universe can be found here.

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