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Cult’s Metaverse Beauty World To Offer A Canvas For Experimentation

MBWorld aims to develop the future of retail experiences blending XR, Web3 and metaverse technologies

London and NYC creative agency Cult, has launched a new Metaverse Beauty World which blends XR, Web3 and metaverse technologies and provides a home for beauty experiences.

In partnership with, MBWorld will be integrated across both online and offline channels of Web3, Web2 and live events and experiences. Spearheaded by technologies such as the metaverse and AR, consumers can immerse themselves in virtual spaces where beauty becomes a canvas for experimentation.

Every pilot project emerging from MBWorld will be carefully crafted to elevate self-expression through immersive virtual beauty experiences, influenced by the insights gained from Metaverse Beauty Week.

CEO of Cult and MBW co-founder, Bridey-Rae Lipscombe said, “MBWorld enables Cult to put our first-hand learnings at the forefront of our services. We believe in embracing the unknown. It’s who we are as an organisation. Exploring Web3 initiatives with a brand marketing lens allows us to deep dive into this new territory.”

Unleashing the power of virtual beauty

In a strategic collaboration with Cult, has emerged as the first partner of Metaverse Beauty World, bringing together innovations and comprehensive creative communication to fuel the collaboration.

CEO and co-founder of, Dmytro Kornilov said, “Cult partnered with to create the world’s biggest offline digital beauty immersive exhibition and AR try-on for MBW. We look to a future of delivering more and more innovative experiences with Cult.”

In the next phase of MBW, Cult will continue to push the boundaries of beauty through the virtual realms and transcend limitations of the physical, while ensuring the real world is a curated part of the journey that compliments and enhances experiences.

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