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New AI Solutions From Unity: A Creative Tool, Neural Networks, Marketplace

Advances in artificial intelligence offering with the addition of Muse and Sentis lead to company share value rising by 15%

Game engine firm Unity has revealed two new AI products. Unity Muse is an expansive platform for AI-driven assistance during creation, while Unity Sentis allows developers to embed neural networks in builds to enable real-time experiences.

Muse and Sentis are intended to open up new avenues of creativity and innovation and are now available via closed beta open for developer feedback.


Muse is an AI platform that accelerates the creation of real-time 3D applications and experiences like video games and digital twins. The eventual goal of Muse is to enable developers to create almost anything in the Unity Editor using natural input such as text prompts and sketches.

The closed beta for Muse Chat is now open, enabling AI-based search across Unity documentation, training resources and support content to get accurate and up-to-date information to speed up development and troubleshoot issues.

Future iterations of Muse will include the ability to create textures and sprites or even fully animate a character, all using natural input.


Sentis bridges neural networks with the Unity Runtime and enables developers to embed an AI model for their game or application, enhancing gameplay and other functionality directly on end-user platforms.

Sentis allows AI models to run on any device where Unity runs. Unity claims it is the first and only cross-platform solution for embedding AI models into a real-time 3D engine. The benefit is that developers can build once and embed the model so it can run on the edge on multiple platforms, from mobile to PC and web to consoles like Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation.

Marketplace launches

Unity has also launched AI Verified Solutions – third-party packages that meet Unity’s quality and compatibility standards – on the Unity Asset Store. You can now find professional-quality AI solutions from providers such as Convai, Inworld AI, Layer AI, Leonardo Ai, LMNT,, Polyhive, Replica Studios, and Zibra AI. These new solutions enable AI-powered smart NPCs, AI-produced VFX, textures, 2D sprites and 3D models, generative speech, in-game testing with AI, and more, all designed to support and accelerate your creative process.

Ralph Hauwert, SVP & GM, Unity Runtime, Editor and Ecosystems said, “We know that AI will continue to have a seismic impact on the gaming industry and we’re seeing surging demand for more AI tools from our developers.

“With the new AI marketplace in the Unity Asset Store, we’re making it easier for creators to not only access AI solutions but to select the right ones that fit their project’s needs. Unity is committed to uncovering and delivering the best-in-class AI tools that bring immediate value to our creators. We’re providing our developers with a reliable marketplace so they can effectively harness the power of AI in the game development process directly through the Unity Editor.”

In the wake of these new launches in the hot AI sector this week, CNBC reports that Unity stock value rose over 15% to $42.38 per share.

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