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Empowering A Sustainable Future Through Web3 And AI With The Green Block

Faisal Zaidi of Crypto Oasis says, ‘The Green Block will facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable Web3 solutions on a global scale’

Global think tank and launchpad The Green Block has collaborated with Crypto Oasis Ventures and Roland Berger to bring together projects and thought leaders that use technology to advance sustainability-related projects.

The Green Block aims to accelerate and promote the use of Web3 and AI technology for improving the environment, and social and governance-related initiatives that improve the quality of life. This initiative was launched recently at BEEAH Group headquarters in the United Arab Emirates with Khaled al Huraimel, BEEAH CEO who has also joined The Green Block Advisory Council.

Al Huraimel emphasised the significance of the launch stating, “There is immense potential in Blockchain, AI and Web3 technologies and I am excited to see how the Green Block leverages these to revolutionize ESG projects. As one of the first adopters of blockchain technologies in Sharjah, BEEAH Group’s vision is built on the twin pillars of sustainability and digitalisation.

“As a patron of The Green Block, BEEAH Group looks forward to fostering innovation and engaging with stakeholders to achieve sustainability objectives using technology while overcoming global challenges,” added Al Huraimel.

Harnessing Web3 and AI

In collaboration with management consultancy Roland Berger and Crypto Oasis Ventures, the global initiative hopes to represent a stride towards harnessing the potential of blockchain and AI technologies for building a sustainable future.

The core aim of The Green Block is to create an ecosystem that unites stakeholders across various sectors, fostering the development and implementation of impactful Web3 solutions in areas such as corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. By harnessing the potential of Web3 and AI, The Green Block strives to tackle global challenges in alignment with the UAE’s COP28 agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Faisal Zaidi, co-founder of Crypto Oasis Ventures said, “By connecting projects, providing and enabling infrastructure, and empowering talent, The Green Block will facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable Web3 solutions on a global scale. Aligning ourselves with the objectives of COP28 and the UAE, we aim to take this initiative global.”

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