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Prologue XR Used Conversational AI Tech To Create The Heist of the Century Game

The augmented reality game uses Azure speech-to-text to allow the player to speak directly to the suspects

Indie game developer Prologue XR is releasing a new episode of its true crime game, CrimeTrip-GPT AI Investigation. While previous episodes feature AI-generated voices and AR tech, this latest episode, The Heist of the Century, utilises Conversational AI technology to create an immersive and realistic interrogation experience. Players can ask any question they desire using their voices.

Prologue XR Senior Developer Fernando Silva Da Luz said, “CrimeTrip integrates this innovative technology by presenting players with AI-based characters that can understand and interact with users in a highly realistic manner, eliminating the need for scripted animations or conversations.”

Take Part in the Heist of the Century

The Heist of the Century transports players to March 30th, 1976. Players will experience the armoured truck heist, which occurred in broad daylight in Montreal that day. $2.8 million was stolen during the robbery, making it the largest heist in North American history at the time. Taking on the role of detective, players interrogate suspects and discover the truth behind the crime.

It takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete The Heist of the Century, with players attempting to solicit a confession from one of five AI suspects. However, players have a limited number of interactions; thus, asking strategic questions is key to uncovering the truth.

Unity’s AR Foundation game engine was vital in implementing the game’s augmented reality features. The title features an integration room for players to explore and examine evidence. Players will also collect crime scene clues.

The Heist of the Century utilises Azure speech-to-text to allow the player to speak directly to the suspects. ChatGPT then generates realistic responses using real information about the heist. Finally, the responses are converted using Text-To-Speech, allowing the suspect to answer.

Prologue XR Creative Director Jonathan Rouxel said, “In our interrogation game, we capitalise on the fact that Large Language Models (LLM) are very powerful but sometimes hallucinate ‘fabricated content,’ just like very intelligent criminals lie about their alibi or affiliations.”

Future episode ‘Contract Project’ centres around one of the largest money laundering schemes committed by drug cartels and the Italian mafia. CrimeTrip-GPT AI Investigation is available for mobile devices via the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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