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Bytes Aims To Transform Mobile Gaming With AI-Driven Stories

The integration of artificial intelligence chatbots will enable players to converse and interact with characters, providing a unique games experience

Indie game developer and publisher EnsenaSoft has globally launched, a destination for interactive experiences where players can immerse themselves in a world with engaging gameplay as they embark on a journey into the realm of AI.

The game is currently available as a F2P download with token-coins to unlock content when playing on Android and iOS-compatible devices. is offering players a unique fusion of storytelling and AI chatbot technology that features a collection of 150 text adventure games.

Players will get to enjoy a vast array of immersive AI-based text adventures that ignite the imagination. The game promises meticulously crafted stories that’ll bring players into a rich tapestry of mystery, wonder and suspense.

In addition, players can also visit ancient ruins and futuristic cities, take a stroll in enchanted forests or even take a trip into outer space. You can check out the gameplay trailer below:

Redefining interactive storytelling

A unique aspect of is the integration of AI chatbots, enabling players to converse and interact with characters and engage in dialogue with virtual companions that respond and adapt their behaviour based on a player’s responses.

Be it solving puzzles, unravelling the secrets of the game world or negotiating with allies, the AI chatbots bring a level of realism and immersion to the game. also features both written and verbal interaction, so players can play the game with their speakers turned off. However, a microphone is required for players to communicate with AI characters and the experiences usually vary from six to 16 minutes.

You can check out the game on Android and iOS right away. A PC version is set to launch in the coming days via the Epic Games Store.

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