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Krafton Ventures Into AI Gaming With New Subsidiary

With continued investment in artifiicial intelligence and games, the PUBG company could integrate AI into more titles

South Korean video game developer Krafton has established a new independent studio named ReLU Games with Kim Min-Jeong as the CEO of the new unit. Jeong was previously in charge of Krafton’s Special Project 2 and will now lead ReLU Games, Krafton’s 11th independent studio, which will primarily concentrate on game development by utilising deep learning technology.

The new studio is moving forward with the efforts of Krafton’s in-house incubating program, Special Project 2, which was first initiated in 2020 to merge the excitement of gaming with deep learning technology. By leveraging the knowledge and ideas accumulated during the three years of operating Special Project 2, ReLU Games also plans to incorporate deep learning techniques into its new projects as well.

Combining gaming and deep learning technology

The first ReLU Games project is FOONDA: AI Puzzle, which seeks to offer users a personalised puzzle experience by generating puzzle stages through the application of deep learning algorithms. The mobile version of FOONDA is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2023.

In addition, the studio is actively exploring other projects that showcase aspects of gaming through deep learning. One such project is Project Orchestra, which uses voice recognition technology to enhance the gaming experience.

By establishing ReLU Games, Krafton aims to further expand its game development capabilities and explore the potential of deep learning in the gaming industry. And with a focus on creating innovative and engaging experiences for players, ReLU Games is set to contribute to the advancement of the gaming landscape.

ReLU Games is a sign that Krafton may be on the path of utilising AI technology in its wider portfolio of games. With NetEase already planning to bring AI NPCs to upcoming titles, we might soon see AI bots in Krafton’s hugely popular PUBG battle royale game.

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