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Henwards Legacy Is A Fan Made Version Of Hogwarts Legacy

One Harry Potter fan shows amateur game makers the process of creating this impressive parody using Unity

Open-world RPG Hogwarts Legacy is one of the top-grossing games this year. The game, which takes place in the Harry Potter universe, has already earned more than most of the Harry Potter films. However, as reported by Gaming Bible, one Hogwarts Legacy fan is creating his own version of the game. YouTuber Arnie’s Workshop is creating Henwards Legacy and showcasing the development process on his channel.

Henwards Legacy is a third-person adventure title that takes inspiration from Hogwarts Legacy. According to the creator, the game is a parody and he has no plans to release the game. Arnie’s Workshop is using Unity Engine to develop the game.

Learn to create games with Henwards Legacy

The video acts as a tutorial for amateur game makers, taking viewers through the process of programming and designing the game world. Towards the end of the video, there’s a game demo so viewers can get a sense of what the game will be like. And it’s pretty impressive.

“I’m so blown away. It’s so beautiful. I would play this 100% if it was a real game,” writes one YouTube user in the comments. “Wow, this is amazing, Arnie,” writes another viewer. “Please never stop creating. The gaming world needs genuine creators who love their work just as you do.”

The Henwards Legacy demo video shows the player character following a tutorial and exploring a Hogwarts-like castle. After threatening a magical painting, the player character, Kavin, travels to Agrid’s (clearly a parody of Hagrid) hut. Upon arriving, Agird tasks Kavin with using the spell Hengardium Chickosa to turn a magic fish into a chicken. From the video, it is clear that Henwards Legacy features similar gameplay to the title that inspired it. With beautifully rendered graphics, the demo is quite impressive, especially considering a solo developer created it.

Another Harry Potter game is on the way

Months after its launch, Hogwarts Legacy continues to be a popular title. Luckily for Harry Potter fans, another Harry Potter-themed game is set for a global release this summer. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a collectible card game with RPG elements, will launch on PC, Android and iOS.

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