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Users Document Their Cities In AR And Audio With Superblue’s JR Reality Interactive Art

Artist JR says, ‘In my latest work, Reality, everyone is invited to leave portraits and voice messages attached to special places’

Experiential art platform Superblue has unveiled JR Reality, an innovative interactive art project developed using Niantic’s Lightship augmented reality platform.

Developed by the artist JR, the project is now available on both Android and iOS devices. It utilises AR technology provided by Niantic, known for its expertise in location-based AR games such as Pokémon Go.

Superblue is committed to empowering artists to bring their most ambitious visions to life and to actively involve audiences in immersive art experiences. In collaboration with JR, Superblue has partnered on the ‘Inside Out Project’ to create JR Reality, extending the project to a digital and global platform.

Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, CEO of Superblue said, “With the launch of JR Reality, Superblue is excited to continue its mission to support the most ambitious projects in the realm of experiential art. Taking participatory work to a global scale puts JR and Superblue at the forefront of augmented reality.”

Prepare to explore your city

JR Reality allows interactive city documentation through stories. Users can attach portraits and audio bites to locations, leaving digital touchpoints for others to discover. By leveraging Niantic’s 3D map, it ensures a shared frame of reference across devices at massive scales.

“Have you ever passed somebody on the street and wondered what their story is? Or looked up through a window and wondered who lives there, what kind of life do they have? It’s time to find out,” said JR, in a statement via Venturebeat.

“In my latest work, Reality, everyone is invited to leave portraits and voice messages attached to special places. It’s time to go outside and explore, and reconnect with one another and show the world your face again. Together, we can tell the world your story and meet the amazing people that live in your city,” said JR.

The app is now available to download in the United States, allowing individuals to share personal stories and unlock thousands of geo-mapped locations within New York City. In the coming months, more international cities will be activated.

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