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Adventure Forge AI Helps Narrative Designers Make Games With No Code

Endless Adventures shows a platform for artists and writers to create narrative-driven games

Endless Adventures Inc. has revealed Adventure Forge, a new tool for narrative designers, authors and game masters. Adventure Forge allows users to create narrative-centric video games without the need to code. However the platform is not yet accessible to the public.

Endless Adventures CEO says, “Our mission is to discover and promote the next generation of game designers and storytellers across a wide range of game genres. Our first offering, Adventure Forge, is focused on narrative games, from text-based choose-your-own path to visual novels, and all the way up to isometric RPGs like the Shadowrun Returns series we developed at Harebrained Schemes.”

Aims to democratise game development

Also known for narrative-driven titles like BattleTech, MechWarrior, Shadowrun, and Crimson Skies, Weismann pioneered the idea for the platform. Adventure Forge enables artists and writers to develop interactive fiction and narrative-driven games. With Adventure Forge, Endless Adventures aims to democratise the creation of narrative video games.

“As a lifelong game designer and storyteller, I believe games are a human-driven creative endeavour, and over my career, I have seen how tools and techniques have empowered designers like me to bring their visions to life,” Weisman adds. “Adventure Forge is designed to do just that with its fast, easy-to-use, no-code authoring system, enormous design depth and flexibility, and thoughtful integration of optional designer-facing AI writing assistance and isometric asset generation. I believe that it will power a new wave of innovation in narrative game design and storytelling quality.”

Those interested in utilising the platform can sign up on the Adventure Forge website to recieve updates. Endless Adventures plans to invite authors, artists and other creatives to develop games using the platform later this year.

AI and the Future of Game Design

Generative AI is rapidly becoming a valued tool in the gaming industry. Recently, Blizzard patented AI-Generated graphics for new games. Similarly, the NFT Gaming Company hired a team to develop AI games. Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft has even created an AI called Ghostwriter that generates rough drafts of NPC barks.

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Jack Brassell is a freelance journalist and aspiring novelist. Jack is a self-proclaimed nerd with a lifelong passion for storytelling. As an author, Jack writes mostly horror and young adult fantasy. Also an avid gamer, she works as the lead news editor at Hardcore Droid. When she isn't writing or playing games, she can often be found binge-watching Parks & Rec or The Office, proudly considering herself to be a cross between Leslie Knope and Pam Beasley.

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