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Epic Games And CLO Virtual Fashion Partner To Drive Innovation In Digital Fashion Industry

CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion says, ’We are building toward a future where we imagine the digitisation of everything…’

A digital garment made in CLO and powered by Unreal Engine

3D garment simulation technology CLO Virtual Fashion, Epic Games and Marvelous Designer have all purchased shares within themselves to grow and scale the digital fashion industry.

CLO Virtual Fashion boasts a comprehensive ecosystem of products including 3D garment design software, a digital CMS, a collaboration platform, an open marketplace and a community where thousands of garment designs are bought, sold and showcased.

Simon Kim, CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion said, “We strongly believe that digital garments will play a significant role in the future of digital entertainment and metaverse platforms. We are building toward a future where we imagine the digitisation of everything, the convergence of fashion with entertainment and the metaverse.”

The future of fashion

CLO Virtual Fashion’s objective is to provide accessible integrated workflows to 3D designers, character artists, animators, and fashion professionals. By doing so, they hope to enable the creation of games and metaverse platforms with realistic clothing options and maximise the value of digital garments in the industry.

Kim Libreri, chief technology officer at Epic Games said, “Bringing high-quality digital fashion into real-time virtual worlds is complex and can be a creative barrier for digital fashion creators. It is exciting to see how CLO Virtual Fashion’s solutions work with Unreal Engine to help designers across industries make life-like digital fashion garments.”

“Our clients are already trying to maximise the utility of digital garments, and we will work to cater to those requests and roadmaps,” added Simon Kim. The CTO added that the Fortnite company believes that its investment will bring significant value from digital garments and creators across the globe.

As the digital fashion industry continues to grow, a new report from Report Linker shows that the Global Digital Clothing Market is expected to reach a staggering $25 billion by 2028.

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